Are you a student, researcher or teacher? Then discover our entrepreneurial offer below.

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Every year, we launch Expedition DO!, a unique 7-month startup programme for entrepreneurial talent. The mission is to support and encourage UGent students and researchers to develop critical entrepreneurial skills in order to start, build and grow their business idea into a successful startup.
Come and get the spark of entrepreneurship at one of our events. Are you a student or researcher looking for inspiration in a short event to come up with a business idea, develop entrepreneurial skills or simply to see if entrepreneurship is your thing? Then be sure to check out the various categories of events we offer.
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Are you looking for longer-term guidance? Take a look at our programmes and discover Expedition Do, our Research to market programme and the international programme EUAcceL.

Inspirational Events 

You will find out that entrepreneurship does not consist of one preplanned path during our ‘Inspirational Events’. Students, researchers, alumni and other interesting entrepreneurs share their experiences and give tips.


Tired of all that theoretical knowledge and want to roll up your sleeves (literally or figuratively)? Then join one of our workshops and brush up on your entrepreneurial skills.

Innovatie bootcamps

Immerse yourself intensively in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship during one of our innovation bootcamps. In an inspiring setting, you will work in a team on a social challenge.

Pitch events

Valorising your idea: sounds easier than it is. Fortunately, you can also pitch your idea to young fellow entrepreneurs and experts in order to receive valuable feedback. And who knows, you might even score a few extra customers.
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Are you a UGent student or researcher and do you have an entrepreneurial idea? Entrepreneurship is still new to you and you could use some help on how to proceed? Or you already have a business but would like some advice and coaching from an expert to help you grow?
The learning line Entrepreneurship contains 5 electives which can prepare you for your career as an entrepreneur and in which Durf Ondernemen is actively involved. These courses can be taken by all UGent students with an option. If you do not have an option it is also possible to add these courses to your curriculum by taking more than 60 credits.
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Do you already know the home of DO!, The Foundry? It is the place to be at UGent for everything that has to do with entrepreneurship. All sorts of events and courses on entrepreneurship take place there and you can come for coaching at DO! There is also room to coworking and meet other entrepreneurial souls. We have several rooms where you can find a workplace. When we are open you are free to choose a place.
DO! offers support to teachers (both professors and assistants) to integrate entrepreneurial activity in your subject. We offer you the necessary tools to get started yourself.
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