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Research to Market’ is a short programme for researchers. It teaches you to create value from your research and takes you on a journey to discover its market potential.

It is the perfect first step if you are interested in entrepreneurship as a researcher.

DO! - research market
  • to develop entrepreneurial skills
  • to let your research find it’s way to the market and shape the world of tomorrow
  • to apply innovative techniques and methodologies to your own research

‘Research to market’ is organised for all Flemish universities and university colleges, regardless of their research topics (alpha, beta and gamma sciences).

The programme is open for all researchers (PhD, postdoc, ZAP, …) who would love to find out how their research can be transferred to our everyday lives.

Participants will be selected based on the subject and phase of their research, their motivation and ambition. A maximum of 16 participants per edition will be selected, out of which 12 spots are reserved for Ghent University participants.

More than 80% of PhD’s aspire a carreer in the business world, start their own company or start working in the public sector at some point. This programme supports all of these career paths.

You’ll learn about the market and society and understand that you need to undertsnad the point of view of the customer or user to make a difference. This will lead to insight in the non-academical world and in the added value your research can offer.

We offer a unique and personal programme to prepare you for a carreer as one of our future technology leaders, as a rolemodel for innovation and change or as an architect of tomorrow’s society.

A month before the first session you will receive access to our online learning environment Ufora. You will fo through these theoretical modules at your own speed:

  • the differences and similarities between researchers and entrepreneurs
  • recognising opportunities in your research
  • value proposition
  • business models
  • pitching and presenting
  • lean startup method

In each module you will find a case study of a researcher who became an entrepreneur.

You will spend 6 hours more or less on these theoretical modules.

During the sessions, which are spread over 2 times 2 days, the theory will be apploed to your own research. We will use several techniques to learn you the rights skills and to be able to give you enough guidance.

Group sessions with all participants, personal assignments, peer feedback and pitching and presenting: it’s all part of the programme.

During the programme you will have identified multiple market opportunities for your research. These assumptions needs to be validated in the market.

Participants of Ghent University can come to DO! after the programme for additional coaching and guidance. Participatns of other institutions will be reffered to the appropriate people in their institution. We also list several interesting external opportunities.

Research to Market can be the first step towards other programs such as Expedition DO! or the Tech Transfer Venture Track.

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