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Coaching at DO!

Are you a Ghent University student or researcher with an entrepreneurial idea? Entrepreneurship is still new to you and you can use some help to get started? Or you already have a business but would like advice and coaching from an expert to  make it grow?

Our coaches have loads of experience and are here for you. Small or big idea: don’t hesitate, They will show you the right direction. Book your coaching appointment when it fits your calendar.

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Gentrepreneur The Company

The Company by Gentrepreneur is a student cooperation created by Gentrepreneur, Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, HOGENT and the University of Ghent.

Students can become a shareholder of The Company. As a result, The Company helps you to take your first steps on the market and offers financial, administrative and other benefits to give you a headstart. Once you can function independently (aka acquire an independent profit), you can exit The Company.

Gentrepreneur advice Experts in the House

Every month, Gentrepreneur organises ‘Experts in the House’ for Ghent students and researchers who are under 26 years old. You can book free sessions with experts in various fields. The experts and fields vary each time. Expect accountancy, legal or marketing advice and more.

Check our calendar to see when the next ‘Experts in the House’ will take place. 

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