DO! is the centre for entrepreneurship at Ghent University. We are the first point of contact for everyone at the university who is thinking of starting an entrepreneurial journey. We want to offer a stepping stone to additional support services and programmes. The goal of DO! is to inform all students and researchers correctly about the advantages and disadvantages of a carreer as entrepreneur, and to help them gain as many entrepreneurial competences as possible. We also want to help the official student-entrepreneurs in the best way possible and support them in the development of their business.


We want to give each student or researcher an entrepreneurial experience and plant an entrepreneurial seed during their time at Ghent University. If that seed develops into more, then we applaud this and offer additional support where possible. Within the university, we form collaborations where possible to help support the entrepreneurial message we want to bring. Our intense collaboration with TechTransfer and the DO! Talent Scouts are just 2 examples.
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Koen De Bosschere
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Jolien Coenraets
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Lobke Van Damme
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Gerlinde Van Hauwermeiren
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Andreas Wauters
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Ellen Eeckhaut