“Sustainability is key nowadays and solar panel systems are being installed on a large scale. Instead of encouraging this generation to start using energy in an eco-friendly way, the government now no longer financially supports those who want to do it right.

We at Sunite want to help. This is why we are creating our BaaS model the battery as a service  generating easy wins for the consumer:
  • We are developing a smart battery system to place in your home. The setup is ready to be integrated almost immediately and is rented out to the consumer by Sunite.
  • We’ll work with an energy stock principle. We recharge batteries with cheap energy and use that energy when prices peak again.
  • Â We will be able to optimise generated electricity, using our smart software package and integrated app. As a result, we help your energy bill shrink and deliver on our philosophy to make a positive environmental impact.

The process of creating Sunite started with venturous engineering student Karst. Armed with his concept, he signed up for the elective course ‘Dare To Venture. Here he got to know Pieter-Jan, a software engineering whiz working on the same problem. They quickly joined forces with our third and final musketeer, Giel.

Our team being complete, we truly believe it’s time to unite for a better future.”

  • Customers: B2C
  • Team: Giel Troubleyn: Master of Science in Business Engineering, Pieter-Jan Philips: Master of Science in Computer Science Engineering & Karst Vereecken: Master of Science in Electromechanical Engineering Technology
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