Hello there, we’re Wim, Olivier, Alexander & Gilles 4 ambitious Economics students at Ghent University pursuing the goal of founding an own company.

Our startup SafePlaceTo incorporates Artificial Intelligence to analyse real-time camera footage. This way we aim to automatically detect situations of violence and report them to the authorities. Proactively reporting these situations contributes to the prevention of escalations and provides safety in a non-intrusive way. SafePlaceTo enables a more efficient usage of camera infrastructure, a smaller need for personnel and it saves time for intervention teams.

It’s time to create a safer place for all of us!

  • Customers: B2B
  • Team: Olivier Dupont: Master of Science in Economics, Alexander Van de Weghe: Master of Science in Business Engineering, Gilles Vauterin: Master of Science in Business Economics & Wim Cheyns: Master of Science in Business Engineering
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