Lavatory Diagnostics

“The story about what we’re doing today, literally began with founder Arthur Rodenbach having a dream:

I dreamed that people in pre or early disease stages would go to the toilet, and see their urine discolour when touching the toilet water. They would then consult a doctor, who would inform them what they could do to slow down, or ideally stop the progression of the disease. An example could be one of the most prevalent diseases in the world: diabetes. At 2AM, I wrote down the idea, so I wouldn’t forget it if I went back to sleep. That turned out to be unnecessary: I didn’t catch any more sleep that night.

Here we are, a few years later, participating in Expedition DO! We’re developing a toilet rim block, that gives off a biochemical compound which discolours the water when it comes into contact with sugar and/or proteins from the urine. It does exactly what a urine test strip would do but it will be available to the entire population to be used at home.

Arthur has a bachelor’s degree in Electromechanical Engineering Technology and went on to study Medicine afterwards. During the course of the expedition Jens,Forré  Judith De Maeseneire and Laura Linthout joined his entrepreneurial adventure. All three of them are master’s students in Drug Development.

Together, we look forward to begin researching, experimenting and starting a business. Since we’re still in the research phase, we don’t have a company or company name yet.”
  • Customers: B2C/B2B
  • Team: Arthur Rodenbach: Master of Medicine in Medicine, Laura Linthout: Master of Science in Drug Development, Jens Forré: Master of Science in Drug Development & Judith De Maeseneire: Master of Science in Drug Development
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