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Imagine a world where a smart platform think of how Waze helps you reach your destination while driving helps you navigate the tasks you do at your job in a similar way.

Well, that’s exactly what we want to do at Know & Predict IT! So much so that we’ve spend the last 8 years doing the necessary research and development: me – Steven – as a PhD/postdoc, together with my promotor, professor Frederik Gailly.

For this project, we have been applying every bit of our expertise in business economics, engineering, computer science and information management.

To give you an idea of what this means exactly:
  • What Waze does:
    It combines regular street maps with experiences shared by the Waze community to calculate (alternative) route suggestions, anticipate traffic and provide an ETA. The premise is that aggregated experiences of the whole userbase benefits individual users.
  • What we want to do at Know&PredictIT: apply a similar way of thinking to software systems meant to support people during their jobs
Our digital assistant adds a layer over such systems – existing and new – to transform them from passively documenting actions of users to actively helping them make decisions.

Our goal is to empower users, not overpower. Waze helps you reach your destination but if you (un)willingly ignore the suggested route, it doesn’t seize control over the steering wheel. Similarly, our assistant doesn’t do the user’s job for them but rather helps make their decision making processes more efficient and effective.

In the end, Know&PredictIT will increase productivity and make life easier for the user without introducing any new limitations.”
  • Customers: B2B
  • Team: Steven Mertens: Postdoc Department of Business Informatics and Operations Management
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