Ecotel Consultancy

“Time to introduce ourselves: we are Pauline and Joyce, the student-entrepreneurs behind Ecotel Consultancy.

Our aim is to guide hotels towards sustainable practices by searching for sustainable suppliers, looking for alternative systems, etc. We want to show hotels that sustainability can be profitable in the long run. We plan to offer a fully integrated approach, unique in the hotel industry.

Although we have both studied Business Engineering at the Faculty of Economics & Business Administration for more than 4 years, we actually met last year in Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt), just before the corona crisis hit. Due to all kinds of coincidences, we ended up in hotels less than 1 km away from each other. Pauline posted a picture on Facebook and a few hours later we were already talking in the lobby.
It was clear from the start that we had the same mindset about a lot of things. So it didn’t take us long to discover that we shared frustrations about the implementation of sustainability in the hotels we had visited. Ecotel Consultancy was born!”
  • Customers: B2B
  • Team: Joyce De Smet: 2nd Master Business Engineering – Data Analytics & Pauline Van Beneden: 2nd Master Business Engineering – Operations Management Management

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