Hi there, we’re Willem Himpe and Willem Lannoye.

Our own life experiences gave us the idea for our startup Aeterna (for eternity™).

Willem H. lost his grandfather and realised that answering his little sister’s question who was he proved to be harder than it seemed at first. Then we lost a mutual friend and saw people randomly sharing memories through different channels.

The challenges in both situations seemed similar to us: there was no central location to store and revisit memories when needed. Aeterna wants to change this. After extensive research, we believe our solution can help a lot of people. Aeterna offers a place to collect memories and media of loved ones. It’s the 21st century version of a photo book that incorporates the possibilities of the internet. The platform integrates both audio and video, offering an interactive experience. It can be used to collect photos and memories only but it’s also possible to write your own or someone else’s life story.

The platform is targeting the bereaved as well as people who want to prepare for their end of life, giving them the choice of how they want to be remembered.”
  • Customers: B2B2C
  • Team: Willem Himpe: Bachelor of Science in Business Engineering & Willem Lannoye: Master of Science in Business Engineering
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