3P Support

“Hello we are Fleur, Nicolaas & Lotte and together we are 3P Support.

3P stands for Printed, Personalised Palm support. We want to provide workers with sustainable protection and reduce the number of occupational hand accidents in the construction industry and at assembly lines.

The idea for this project initially started during a course in Lotte’s study of Industrial Design Engineering Technology at UGent Campus Kortrijk. She saw potential in the idea and wanted to gain know-how about product design and market integration. It was easy to connect and team up with Nicolaas since he studies at the same campus.

Thanks to Expedition DO! we also found our 3rd musketeer: Fleur. She already has a lot of experience because she works at Brycsis Ghent and was very motivated to join our team.

This makes us the perfect match to embark on this new entrepreneurial adventure!”
  • Customers: B2B
  • Team: Lotte Beernaert: Master Industrial Design Engineering Technology, Nicolaas De Causmaecker: Bachelor Industrial Product Design & Fleur Dooms: Master of Science in Engineering: Architecture (alumnus)
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