Expedition DO! 2023 sets sail

The moment is finally here, Expedition DO! 2023 is setting sail.

No less than 20 teams of talented students and researchers were selected to board the 5th edition of Ghent University’s startup programme. In addition to 17 national teams, 3 teams from the international Start For Future programme are joining the Expedition.

These are the teams that convinced the selection jury:


    offers an AI-based software that helps companies to keep track of their customers’ opinions and emotions.
    develops an AI tutor that boosts children’s academic performance.


  • B.STIM
    treats mental health with precision.


    bridges the gap between knowing and doing, for people in the cattle industry.


    helps navigation software to collect data from smart cities.


    offers a B2B real estate platform driven by new synergies and absolute transparency.


    aims to digitise and objectify the current way of user analytics in training, assessment and user testing through the use of XR technologies.


    boosts the feedback culture in organisations by using a smart 360° feedback platform and hands-on feedback workshops.


    provides childcare as a service at fitness centres Children are taken care of within a fun and familiar environment. Meanwhile, parents can exercise without worry and commit to their physical and mental health.


    has developed an end-to-end system, that utilises hair waste from hair salons and creates a composted fertiliser.


    offers a supportive tool to diminish the administrative burden faced by hospital doctors today.


    aims to help people without a clear diagnosis or with very rare diseases by matching them with each other and researchers via an app.


    wants to respond to the teacher shortage and increase diversity in the student population by sustainably professionalizing teachers.


    is developing a sensor for people with urinary incontinence that tracks the fullness of the bladder.


    brings the customisation of canine sperm cryopreservation into reality.


    helps municipalities and cities do efficient waste collection. By connecting a sensor in public bins to their software, Rebin monitors the bin level and generates the most efficient collection route.



    helps users to secure their blockchain assets and savings by providing a beautifully designed wallet, that enables them to store their passwords of access in a safe, easy to use and hackproof way.


    gives e-bikes a second life through increased transparency.



    plans to develop new antifreeze proteins as a frost protection agent in the fruit cultivation.


The Welcome Event on 21 March was the official kickoff for the 7 month track of Expedition DO! 2023. The selected teams will receive intensive guidance to boost their business ideas into an actual startup. This year brings the introduction of 2 categories (one for students and one for researchers). The winner of each category receives 5.000 euros of startup capital.

Learn more about the Expedition DO! track.

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