How do we improve the mobility experience of students on their way to campus?


Challenge: Research by A Tribe Called Transport shows that 44.5% of students experience many obstacles during their frequent and daily journeys. Delays, insecurity as cyclists and loss of time are the main obstacles and appear to be greatest for the route to their campus. The results of the research can be found here:

Next steps: This challenge can be viewed from different angles. On the one hand, existing mobility options can be made better known. On the other hand, new and innovative concepts can be rolled out that can reinforce the shift to a different mobility. The students can therefore focus on different tracks: launching a communication campaign, developing an app or product, planning infrastructural measures, etc. It is important that the students take into account at least two elements from the acronym FACES. FACES stands for for everyone, automated/autonomous, connected, electric and shared. These concepts are seen as the building blocks of our future mobility system.