How can we improve efficiency and reduce cost of distribution for short supplychain initiatives?

Submitted by: Voedselteams

Challenge: Distribution is the biggest challenge in short supplychain initiatives, because it comes down to highly customised work. Both pickup point (at the local supplier, farmer, orchard, and destination (customers or pickup point in urban or rural setting) are small, different in nature, and not always easy to reach by delivery van. In more complex cases, where one customer receives a combined delivery of several suppliers, a redistribution of goods is needed by the transporter. This is highly workintensive and introduces high likelyhood of errors.

Next steps: In the broadest possible sense: which product, service, app, organisation, can help improve efficiency and reduce cost for short supplychain initiatives? How does this Challenge interface with the field of Last Mile Delivery? How can this highly customised logistic worktype be optimised in both Urban & Rural environments in a scalable way?