How can we encourage citizens to choose safer and more sustainable transport modes and generate a modal shift?

Submitted by: Stad Gent – Mobiliteitsbedrijf

Challenge: Almost all citizens are convinced road safety and a modal shift to sustainable, green & active mobility are crucial for our society and environment. Yet some people still text behind the wheel, or aren’t too bothered being stuck in traffic on their way to work while more sustainable and comfortable alternatives might be available. A wide gap exists between intention and final behaviour. Why are unconscious drivers such as psychological resistance, social aspects and engrained habits stopping us from making an intention a reality, and what can we do to gather positive and widespread support for the intended modal shift?

Next steps: In the broadest possible sense: which product, service, app, organisation, can offer an incentive to citizens to actively and positively choose for sustainable and safe mobility? How can we increase awareness in all target groups of the different mobility options and their impact? How can this choice for sustainable and safe options be rewarded and promoted ?