Wout Meuleman

Wout Meuleman had been passionate about beer since his teenage years. In 2016, together with Miel Bonduelle and Kasper Peeters, he started the small company Beerselect with the help of DO! The three friends started very small. They set up a webshop for Belgian beers. Then they went door to door looking for customers with beer baskets filled with drinks from small brewers.


When they did this, they found that small brewers often do not have enough possibilities and facilities to deliver on time and well. So they decided to build their own brewery. It became a contract brewery with low entry barriers so that anyone who wanted to brew beer would have the opportunity to realise their dream with them.


Setting up the brewery was no sinecure. Wout and his friends had to work hard, but through ambition and the courage to change direction sometimes, they were able to make Beerselect grow into the largest brewery in Ghent. Wout’s talent for leadership made him a finalist for Gentrepreneur Student Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019. He narrowly missed out the title, but continues to amaze us as the driven and inspiring CEO of Beerselect.


Education: Business Administration