Tibbe Verschaffel

Sustainable living is in Tibbe Verschaffel’s blood. When he was 14 years old he collected the Christmas trees that people had put up at the door after New Year. He then neatly replanted them in his own garden. “The following year, about half of them turned out to be broken, but the trees that had survived, I sold again.” It was at that moment that Tibbe knew he wanted to start his own business.


During his studies as a civil engineer, he had an itch to make the world greener through entrepreneurship. After all, he had a part time job as a bicycle repairer and from that came the idea to design his own bicycles made of bamboo. He ended up at DO! and was given the time to experiment freely. Through trial and error, he designed his first prototype. This gave birth to his company Planet B. With this he also participated in the DO! goes USA. in 2019, he also won Gentrepreneur Student Entrepreneur of the Year.


After this, however, he decided to take a different approach with Planet B. The production of bamboo bikes was discontinued. With a full backpack of experience and a new team, he is now focusing on a new project. With WONDR care, Planet B produces environmentally friendly care products as an alternative to shampoo and shower gels. Tibbe knows that something you have to deviate from your original idea in order to grow as an entrepreneur. His courage has ensured that he is now at the helm of a well-run business with a lot of growth potential.