Sarah Parent


For Sarah Parent, entrepreneurship is in her blood. During her studies at Ghent University, she contacted DO! to turn her concept of the Zikini into reality. The Zikini is a three-piece swimming costume which can be unzipped to become a bikini. At DO! she could develop her project in all peace under the watchful eye of our coaches. The Zikini became a success and was picked up by several shops. This also earned her the title of Gentrepreneur Student Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014.

After her studies Sarah wanted to keep on being an entrepreneur, but she took a completely different approach. Sarah has always been interested in ecology and greening, so she wanted to set up a business that could motivate people to live greener without falling into a goat-scarf story. This is how Go Forest was born. Go Forest is a company that wants to structurally restore biodiversity on earth by working with companies, NGOs and local communities. Sarah’s company plants trees in areas where it is most needed, by order of other organisations. By doing so, they motivate sustainable entrepreneurship, they give attention to the soil and deforestation issue and they build a better world.

Sarah is a passionate entrepreneur who has found her drive by dedicating herself to things that truly excite her. She currently has projects around the world working on sustainability and is making a real difference with Go Forest.