Marie Van den Broeck

Marie Van den Broeck is a committed young woman who got a taste for entrepreneurship during her studies in industrial engineering. Her grandmother is the inspiration behind her enterprise My Add On. After all, when her grandmother had to start using crutches, Marie noticed that the crutches currently on the market often hurt the hands and keep falling off. My Add On pimps crutches and wheelchairs to make them more fu and above all more convenient. In this way, Marie is making life a lot easier for many people and once again putting a radiant smile on her grandmother’s face.


This concept hit like a bomb and Marie was able to realise her dream during her studies with the help of the coaches at DO! She was given the space to slowly grow her idea and so My Add On has grown into a very successful company. For this, Marie was rewarded in 2018 with a nomination for the title of Unizo Student Entrepreneur of the Year.


However, Marie continues to set the bar higher for herself. This year, for example, she launched the 10x10x10 plan for het company. This means that by the end of 2023, she wants to launch ten new products in the healthcare sector, have a presence in ten different countries and will need a team of ten people to do so. There is no shortage of ambition for Marie. She is also the creative jack-of-all-trades who designed, among other things, the banners if our website.


Education: Industrial engineer