Symbiosis between research and entrepreneurship

Dakcafé Stadhuis Kortrijk, Leiestraat 21, 8500 Kortrijk

It’s a long and winding road from being a researcher to being an entrepreneur … or is it?

Join us on this inspirational night at Stadhuis Kortrijk, where we gather four top-notch entrepreneurs to highlight how they made a connection between research and entrepreneurship and how it made them and their company prosper.

Either they saw potential in their research and took on the journey to turn their insights into a marketable offer, or they already own their own companies and benefit from cooperating with research facilities.

On this night, we will hear all about the do’s and don’ts, the valuable and inspirational lessons learned, and the guidance that is out there for researchers willing to take the next step.

Join us for our program:

  • 19h // Wim Van Camp (Tech Transfer UGent) and Piet Desmet (Kulak) on opportunities for business and research to converge in the Kortrijk region
  • 19h20 // Inspirational talks from Jelle Saldien (Creative Therapy), Eva Daels (Sterolife) and Karybel (Bart Verhelst)
  • 20h20 // Panel debate amongst the testimonials, moderated by Caroline Verstraete (WTV)
  • 21h // Short pitches of programs and guidance for researchers in UGent, Kulak, Vives and Howest
  • 21h20 // Reception and networking
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